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  • May 14 / 2014
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Showcase of Website Transitions


Code And Theory

The more I explore this site the more I love it, from the entertaining animations to the interesting behaviour of elements as you resize the browser.

Visit Code And Theory.

Agency Survival Kits

You can tell straight away that this site was built with love, the way every part of it is crafted is a testament to the skill and passion of the team behind it. Passion projects like this always end up looking the best due to the effort that goes into making them perfect.

Visit Agency Survival Kits.


This site is art. They have taken code, colour, images, text, and turned it into an interactive visual artwork. The interactions on this site are fun to play with and it’s just wacky and awesome.ondo
Visit Ondo.

Studio Songes

Another site that I would consider an artwork. The transitions as you scroll on this site are so smooth, giving a 3D illusion which is pushing the boundaries of the web. Smooooooth scroll.

Visit Studio Songes.


Mobee rewards you for scrolling with the fun transitions are throughout this site, I haven’t seen many sites go against the norm like Mobee have, but it’s definitely paid of for them. A great experience.

Visit Mobee.