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  • Nov 21 / 2013
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Redesign – Transport App

After becoming frustrated with the UX and look of the TripView app I use to check my train timetable I decided to give it a visual and User Experience make-over. The old app had too many steps to get to the trip view, had features hidden away and icons which were very unclear.


The above screen is a gateway to the type of transport you wish to look up. The existing app only had a welcome message and required you to click on a + button to get to another screen which had these options. I’ve added a menu button to house all the tools and settings pages since they were too hidden and unclear in the previous app.



This screen gives you the option to start a new trip or choose from some of the other handy tools, in this case the network map and locator.



I’ve created the Trip View screen in a clean and clear way, allowing you to easily see the information you need. The secondary information has been left small and out of the way so it doesn’t distract you from what the user would need to see. I’ve also added a ‘view’ toggle to choose from options which were previously hidden in an obscure button.



I also created a new set of icons for the app with a clean style to help you easily find what you’re after.