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  • Jun 17 / 2013
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Where to find inspiration


In my previous article I talked about creating an image library of references that can help your design process, this post will share some of my favourite places to find these images.

I find my inspiration online, in real life, and through apps like instagram. Sometimes you can find inspiration from the most random places and in today’s world there’s no excuse not to capture those moments. Most of the population have camera enabled smart phones which can upload within seconds, so it’s getting easier and easier to collect.

There are a few go to sites which I regularly check to get inspired, here are my favourites ones:


This online community of artists is an awesome way to get inspired and collect example of well-crafted artwork across a variety of disciplines. Most of the portfolios on Behance are of a very high quality and are by the top designers and agencies from around the world.

The Behance network also host some ‘served‘ sites which focus on the best work in specific areas such as Web Design, Typography, Branding and even collections curated by top digital agencies like R/GA called Digital Age Served.

Behance is a great way to gain exposure as a designer, I suggest signing up for free and posting some work to get noticed.



If you’re not familiar with Dribbble, it’s a social network that lets designers, illustrators and digital artists post detailed screenshots of whatever they are working on. It’s especially useful for finding reference of pixel perfect interface elements, a search for something like ‘buttons‘ will give you a collection of very highly crafted button styles, which can influence your designs.

Dribbble is strictly invite only, which makes sure that all the work posted is of a high standard. It’s also very community driven and let’s other designer provide feedback on your posts and give suggestions.



Designspiration is a way to discover and share your design, architecture, photography and fashion inspiration. The site also has a handy search function, which lets you filter by colours to help you find what you’re looking for.



ffffound isn’t just great fun to say, it’s an awesome collection of designs, photography and artwork which is submitted by the community. The more you use this site the more it learns about you and caters what you see to your tastes.


Awwwards - Website Awards - Best Web Design Trends

Awwwards is a showcase of the best of the best. It exists to award the best developers, designers and web agencies from around the world. Submissions are reviewed for design, creativity, usability and content which makes sure the sites don’t just look nice, but work well.


Site Inspire

Site Inspire is another site which showcases great web design. There are lots of great examples of minimal, clean, and responsive websites.


Here are a bunch of others which are also worth checking out:


Smashing Magazine

The Cool Hunter

Pattern Tap

I Love Typography


One Page Love


Stumble Upon

There are so many other sites out there which showcase great work, the above links are just some of my favourites which I regularly browse. I suggest subscribing to their RSS feeds so you can see all the new work in one place.