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  • Jun 14 / 2013
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Designer Tips

Designer Tip – Create an image library


This is my first tip for anyone who is a designer or works in the creative field, make an image library.

As you develop your design process you’ll come to realise how important the initial research/mood-boarding stage is. You’ll spend hours and sometimes days searching the net for references that could help influence your final design or even just help the client understand where you picture the design going. Instead of heading to google, dribbble, designspiration or wherever you look for reference, why don’t you start off on your local computer. If you have a library of inspirational images/photo/videos/typography/whatever it will save you a heap of time and let you spend more time crafting the work.

I have broken my library down into categories to make finding what I’m looking for even easier, here is my structure:

folder structure


I use adobe bridge to browse through my images, I like how you can customise the background colour and change the thumbnail sizes etc. This is my personal preference so feel free to use any other image browser out there which may suit your better.

Adobe Bridge

Having my own image library has been a vital part in improving my design skills, the more reference you can find the better. So if you find something that you like, SAVE IT!

I’ll be posting an article about where you can find nice designs soon, this should help you build up your library in the future.